Docs Dump

I attended a creative summit recently to branch out and learn new things. However, one theme that seemed to repeat was the need to get things out on paper.
Yep, a good old brain dump. Idea, things to do, scheduling. Lay it all out.
So the mental load wasn't as impossible to bear. We keep so much in our brains, that it can lead to mental and physical issues.
It was a great reinforcement to hear. In fact, I'd just realized I needed to do just that.
Not just in my business ideas, and scheduling but in my overall life.
Many people have no idea how much we hold in our minds, but man when it's on paper it becomes way more clear!
I encourage you to do a brain dump. Not just of ideas, and things to do such as appointments, but also how you feel and even things you're struggling with.
You mind will feel better, and so will you! <3
_ _ _
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