About Me

Kristy Mabe is the Chief Joy Cultivator at Simple Joys. 

She started Simple Joys from one product idea. An idea placed on her heart by God as she fought through postpartum depression.

If she concentrated on one simple joy a day then she could make it through.

She knew the idea could help others, and over time their negative thoughts wouldn't have as much power. By focusing on the good, people would learn to see even the smallest bit of joy around them.

Then that grew into ways to help others cultivate their joy with their loved ones through conversation, spending time together, and doing kind acts together.

To help people see joy and spread that feeling, she also created collections of products like tees, jewelry, and journals. 

She hopes to continue to spread God's word and the love he shows her to others through her work. Helping others means so much to her, and she knows she got that blessing from God.