Good Leaders Help

Good leaders have certain qualities...those things that help them excel at taking charge of others.
One I love is leading by example and really being in the thick of the work. While I know riding amusement rides and sliding down slides isn't work, it can be daunting.
My daughter did just that on our getaway. She was wide open, and ready for excitement. But even while going full throttle, I noticed little moments.
When she got onto a huge swing ride for the umpteenth time she was set to go having been through all the checks and balances.
Then, a little girl came up, too short to get on the seat. She'd wanted to ride with her brother, but there were no open seats side by side.
I thought my daughter wouldn't pay her any attention, caught up in the moments excitement. Instead, she helped the girl up. She even helped her get her safety belt on and talked her through the steps of raising her hands high to the sky for the pressure bar to come down.
Beside me I saw the little girl's parents smile as they called out "Thank you!" and gave a little wave of gratitude.
I wanted to yell out "That's my girl!" as I smiled. I was so proud of her!
Then on the playground tucked away at a shopping center, she stopped at the top of the slide. Moments from the exhilarating rush she perched on the edge alongside another little girl.
I don't know what went on in their little girl conversation, but I know what I saw.
Another helping hand from someone who'd been there and done that for a couple extra years.
They say leaders are born not made, but I like to think it can work both ways. When natural born leaders pass on their wisdom with support everyone is richer.