Ingredient Eaters

The first time I had a s'more I was in Girl Scouts. It was an ooey and gooey treat for sure.
The last time was just after my baptism when the church celebrated with a cookout. This time my daughter was all about roasting the marshmallows.
As we talk scouting for her, she's delighted by the fact of getting to roast and eat more s'mores. However, truthfully she's a lot like me.
An ingredient eater.
While we can eat them together as a delightful concoction, we're also pleased as punch to eat the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows all by themselves.
Sure that may make us a little weird, but we're naturally a bit kooky :)
_ _ _
How about you? Have you tried s'mores? Made your own version? Or are you team ingredient eater?
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