Lunch Lesson

During our first full Friday back from vacation we missed lunch with my sister and her hubby. We'd decided to sleep in and rest our aching muscles (at least some of us).
Instead of missing out, we decided to go to the same place. Why?
Because of the great food and awesome people!
It's true that we usually go once a week, but it's normally on Tuesdays.
As I sat there surrounded by a buzz of conversation and TV news I heard a familiar name.
A local church pastor was seated near us along with several of his men of the church. Most of the time their conversation was about what was going on in their lives or housekeeping items that needed to be done at the church.
On this day he spoke of Nehemiah. I'd never heard him actually teach about the Bible at lunch.
Then the reason became clear. He was trying to fire all the men up!
We all get stuck in a rut, and after COVID, things had likely been very standardized by checking all the boxes.
The preacher was telling them how Nehemiah got all the men together to do the work. He constantly had their needs met to achieve an enormous goal of rebuilding Jerusalem.
I remember reading the book and all of the craftsmen that were there. The list of jobs that needed to be kept track of, not to mention the meals, and the security to keep the craftsmen safe were mind boggling.
Today even if you aren't a craftsman with your hands, you can be a crafty with words. You can draw people together, and use your skills to manage others to do amazing things!
Fire men up to be their best! Iron sharpens iron, and when men share bonds during trying times they are strengthened.
_ _ _
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