Stickers Over Oopsies

Life is hard.
No one said it would be easy. In fact, God told us more than once there would be trials and tribulations.
Sometimes I just don’t want to hear that. I want to mope, and perhaps even give in to anger.
I detest having my expectation smashed, my dream put on pause by someone else. But it happens. Life happens. Things you orchestrate in your mind don’t always manifest according to your plan.
Yes, God’s timing is perfect and on time for the way things should be. But sometimes I don't think UPS gets the memo.
Like saying they delivered my desk top when they didn’t. Being late with the replacement…and denting the side.
Exactly how I hoped I wouldn't have to, I had to lug the surfboard size box to the store and the new one back home.
I wanted the order to be simple. I had the perfectly planned composition in my head. I made the perfect order while everything was on sale and I had a coupon to save money.
The boxes started coming…spread over days. Then came the final delivery and I realized there was a mistake.
I contacted the company. I was nice. Through the whole 30-minute wait times and conversation.
Then what I ordered came damaged. That piece came on a day when I wasn’t feeling well, it was pouring outside, and I’d had about all I could take.
I chuckled to myself sitting at my husband's desk thinking about how people put stickers on the boo boos of their cars. Big ones, sometimes bold enough to shout “Look at me”, instead of "Look away".
Other things haven’t worked out with that first mental image I had so perfectly constructed in my mind. Including my husband’s insight that my organization would have to be shifted.
Projects have been pushed back, but the progress has not ground to a halt. Issues have been overcome through communication and life has continued on. Even though sometimes I think my words aren’t heard for the shine of the computer, tv, or phone...sometimes I get through.
When I don’t, I work. Work on what I can accomplish for my dream to be that much closer to the vision He gave me. In the end it will all line up. Until then I’ll thank God for simple joys…like stickers 😊