When I Am Weak, You Are Strong

A photograph I saw changed my perception of me.
My husband had taken the shot on vacation. He was excited about it, having managed to get the light just so and capture that moment in time.
I was mortified. I saw myself for how I truly looked. All 300+ pounds of me registered in the instant my eyes took in that crystal clear picture.
In that instant I also knew I had to make a change.
When I saw myself in another picture beside my daughter I thought why didn't anyone say anything?
Maybe they thought I saw it? Maybe they were trying to be nice? I can't explain it, but I had to take ownership of the problem.
I could only change me. And stepping on the scale after vacation I saw what I was starting with. To get to my "healthy weight" I'd need to lose half my body weight.
Daunted at the thought, I knew I had to start with baby steps. Clear the junk food, and bring in the new. Drink the water, and eat breakfast.
Busy was the reason for my ballooning size especially during COVID. I had to start making my needs higher ranked on the priority list.
I'd seen my mom making smart swaps at meal time for over a month. Then on vacation, I watched my sister stick to her new plan and knew I could do the same. Her lead prompted me to follow...and not just because we're twins 🙂
My husband knew I was serious when I skipped sweet tea and ordered water at dinner one night. In fact, for the first time he said he was proud of me! He hadn't even said that when I got published!
Don't get me wrong, sweet tea still calls with a siren's song. But I know that I have to watch the empty calories.
When I'm weak I've called on God to help me be strong. I've asked him to help me with cravings, the urge to exercise, and give me a nudge when I feel like falling off the wagon.
I know he's with me, guiding me as he's done time and time again. He is faithful, and for that I'm so, so grateful!
_ _ _
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